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a more intelligent window. view is the leader in dynamic glass. now your windows are intelligent, alive, and under your control. no heat, no glare, and no blinds. -why dynamic glass?- the sun is dynamic…your windows should be too. view dynamic glass tints electronically in response to the outside world, preserving your view and keeping you cool. now your windows are intelligent and no longer just a static component in a building. view dynamic glass transitions seamlessly between four variable tint states, allowing visible light to shine in, and rejecting unwanted heat and glare…any time of the day or year. no need to give up your views to save energy or stay comfortable. how cool is that? -our team- we are a company on a mission. we believe that view dynamic glass will create entirely new possibilities to elevate occupant experience, and change the way we think about architectural design. we will help produce buildings with the expansive views we crave, with abundant natural li

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