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Frank Bedu-Addo




Florham Park, United States




Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing

About PDS Biotechnology Corporation

pds biotechnology is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing the next-generation of simpler, safer and more effective immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases. pds biotechnology’s proprietary versamune® platform vector is based on synthetic and biodegradable lipids which possess a very specific structure and positive charge. the lipids form nanoparticles which activate and are taken up very efficiently by the immune system. the therapeutic product consists of versamune® formulated with a harmless form of the protein or disease-causing agent associated with the particular disease (the antigen) which our immune systems can recognize and respond to. this antigen could be a unique protein expressed only in the cancer cells and not in healthy cells, or it could be a specific viral protein(s) from an infectious virus for example. pds is in the process of completing its first phase 1 human clinical trial in 2015 for pds0101, and has initiated design and preparati

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