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monster diesel is a patent pending high energy alternative fuel additive which boosts diesel fuel’s quality to premium levels. the additive offers a comprehensive, cost effective solution to address each of the challenges common to diesel powered engines, all in one product. benefits of monster diesel include: ➢ reduces diesel consumption by as much as 15% ➢ boosts diesel fuel’s energy by 10% for increased power and mileage per gallon ➢ reduces metal to metal engine wear and friction by as much as 40%, to reduce down time ➢ lowers overall fuel emissions by 23% ➢ turns black smoke to white instantly, harnessing would-be pollutants into increased power and mileage per gallon ➢ winterizes diesel fuel to allow subzero operation, eliminating the need for expensive #1 diesel to reduce gelling and deicing ➢ boosts the cetane number by 12.5%—twice the boost of premium gas over regular ➢ made from u.s. sourced materials, not crude oil alkane, inc. alkane, inc. is dedicated to the development of

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