Should You Buy Coinbase?

Should You Buy Coinbase?
Carl Hazeley

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There’s an indirect way to play the crypto craze: buying into newly listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. And with investment banks Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan both publishing their initial views on the stock last week, now’s a good time to weigh up the pros and cons of doing so.

Why invest in Coinbase?

📈 Users’ favorite “on-ramp” for crypto

Coinbase’s easy-to-use app offers a welcoming way for people to get started buying and selling cryptocurrencies. As more people become crypto-curious, Coinbase’s go-to status should see it grow its user base. And as those investors become more confident, Coinbase aims to upsell them more lucrative products.

Over half of last year’s crypto app downloads were of Coinbase
Over half of last year’s crypto app downloads were of Coinbase

📈 Strong revenue growth potential

Coinbase had 6.1 million “monthly transacting users'' at the end of last quarter – more than twice as many as three months before. Even if growth now slows to as little as 20% annually, Coinbase should – partly thanks to its “on-ramp” characteristics – be able to sustain high revenue growth. After all, it can always hike fees on existing customers. And since most of Coinbase’s costs are fixed, rising revenue should mean rising profit.

📈 Room to expand into additional products

Coinbase already offers custody (i.e. wallet) and staking services, but the company’s focus so far has been on selling those services to institutions rather than retail customers. Expanding its target audience there – as well as for lending and perhaps even payments services down the line – should open up new revenue opportunities.

Why avoid Coinbase?

📉 Regulation could nix crypto’s growth

Cryptocurrencies’ conflict with governments’ monopoly on means of exchange within their economies could lead to regulation that damages the industry – and Coinbase with it. Despite recent positive progress in the US, decentralization-sapping reforms and even outright crypto bans remain a possibility in some parts of the world. There are also major outstanding concerns regarding crypto’s legal status determining what protections investors are – and, crucially, aren’t – afforded, as well as worries about the potential for criminal money laundering.

📉 Cybersecurity: an ever-present threat

Hacking is a risk for any digitally native platform. But when that platform houses $223 billion worth of assets, it arguably becomes its single greatest risk: given the immutable nature of blockchains, it’s nigh-on impossible to recover stolen crypto. A Coinbase hack could irreparably damage confidence in the company and impair its ability to grow users as fast as hoped.

📉 Low cryptocurrency volatility

While many might jump for joy on the day cryptocurrencies are considered “low-volatility”, Coinbase isn’t among them. High volatility encourages users to trade: a price chart gently trending up or down isn’t as exciting as one darting around violently. If Coinbase’s users aren’t motivated to trade, they’ll probably pay fewer fees to the exchange – and that’ll hurt earnings.

What’s the opportunity here?

Putting all the above together, investment bank analysts have come out pretty positively on Coinbase’s stock. Goldman Sachs has a 12-month price target of $306, implying a 28% potential upside from the stock’s June 1st price. Rival bank JPMorgan has a price target of $371 per Coinbase share – implying potential upside of 55%. Investment firm Oppenheimer, meanwhile, has a 12-18 month price target of $434, implying 82% potential upside.

Of course, Coinbase’s shares are currently some 37% below the price at which they hit the stock market. A pessimistic way to interpret those price targets is that neither Goldman or JPMorgan believe the stock’s worth its initial price at present – but the main takeaway for me is that, having fallen, the balance of reward to risk is skewed in favor of buying the shares for now.

Key takeaways

  • Key positives on Coinbase include its accessibility, which should help it attract new customers and therefore grow revenue and profit.
  • A key risk for Coinbase is the threat of anti-cryptocurrency laws from (inter)national authorities bringing the ecosystem to its knees.
  • Investment analysts think there’s between 28-82% potential upside to Coinbase’s current share price.


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