Three Things The Media Isn’t Telling You About Bitcoin

Jonathan Hobbs

about 2 months ago4:21 mins

Three Things The Media Isn’t Telling You About Bitcoin

It’s been a grim year for bitcoin investors, and as you’d expect, there’s been no shortage of “bitcoin is dead” headlines. But if you take a step back and focus on the cold-hard data, things aren’t quite as dire as those articles might suggest. Here are three things the financial news media isn’t telling you about bitcoin right now.

1. Long-term investors aren’t selling.

Despite the drop in price, blockchain data from Glassnode shows that more investors than ever are holding bitcoin for the long run. Two-thirds of all the coins in existence (blue line) haven’t switched wallets in a year or longer – meaning they haven’t been sold. What’s interesting is that this number has been trending upward from its 57% reading at the start of this year – back when bitcoin’s price was almost three ti

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