abrdn Sees The World On The Brink Of Recession

Stéphane Renevier

about 2 months ago4:58 mins

abrdn Sees The World On The Brink Of Recession

Economists at abrdn see the global economy on the precipice of recession – and say the investing world might not be ready for it. Here’s their base-case forecast, two outcomes they view as less likely, and the assets you may want to consider for each.

What’s the base case then?

Growth: It’s not pretty: economists at the Scottish-based asset management firm (and parent company to Finimize) expect the global economy to fall into a deep and prolonged recession in 2023. They say aggressive interest rate hikes, Europe’s energy crisis, and weaknesses in China will ultimately push the global economy over the edge. And they’re warning that the market’s consensus of economists is underestimating the potential depth and severity of the global slowdown.

Inflation: Their research show

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