XRP 101: The Banker’s Crypto

Jonathan Hobbs

6 months ago7:23 mins

XRP 101: The Banker’s Crypto

Many crypto projects see themselves as a disruptor of the traditional banking system: why use a bank at all, when you can use a decentralized blockchain? But Ripple doesn’t share that sentiment – it aims to be the go-to blockchain for interbank transfers. Ripple’s XRP token has been a top 10 digital asset by market size since 2013, so let’s find out how Ripple works, and why you might want XRP on your radar.

How did Ripple start out and what problem is it trying to solve?

Ripple had a few name changes before it eventually became the company it is today. Canadian software developer Ryan Fugger first founded Ripplepay in 2004. And although blockchain never existed back then, the company’s goal was pretty much the same as it is now: to provide a faster and cheaper global transaction s

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