Goldman Believes Housing Will Live To Fight Another Day

Luke Suddards

3 months ago6:06 mins

Goldman Believes Housing Will Live To Fight Another Day

With global central banks trying to shove the inflation genie back in the bottle with aggressive interest rate hikes, housing markets have been feeling the pressure. And that’s led to increasing worries that a rising wave of defaults might collapse housing markets around the world, and create a crisis. Goldman Sachs has just published an in-depth report on housing sectors around the world, with a country-by-country look at the risks.

What did Goldman find?

It broke down a series of risk factors, but before we dive deep into those, let’s take a look at where we are now in terms of delinquency rates. They aren’t trending upward: in the US, they’ve fallen off sharply since the pandemic crisis, and now stand below 1.5%. And, they’re below 1% for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and espe

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