Big Tech’s Got Issues, Sure. But Is It Over?

Paul Allison

3 months ago5:56 mins

Big Tech’s Got Issues, Sure. But Is It Over?

Big Tech isn’t the gravy train it used to be. The sector’s giants are each grappling with their own challenges, and increasingly, investors are deciding they don’t want to climb aboard. So, let’s take a look at Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, and Meta, what they’re up against, and what investors are on the lookout for…

1. Amazon

Is it time for management to spend less?

Amazon (AMZN) might be starting to feel its age. Cardboard box deliveries were never likely to maintain their lockdown-era levels, but after the latest earnings update, investors are now worried that the firm’s higher-octane profit engine – Amazon Web Services (AWS) – is entering a more mature (i.e. slower growth) phase. And this all comes at a time when management has been loosening the purse strings.

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