What To Watch (And Not Watch) This Earnings Season

Paul Allison

4 months ago5:34 mins

What To Watch (And Not Watch) This Earnings Season

Fearful investors might well be watching the upcoming earnings season from behind the sofa, but it’s sure to be an action-packed feature if you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open. So grab your popcorn, and maybe prepare for a couple of jumpscares: here’s your spoiler about what you should pay attention to – and what you can fast-forward through – this earnings season.

1. Ignore the headlines and focus on the future.

Here’s the thing: actual reported profits don’t matter all that much. Ultimately, last quarter’s figures are already yesterday’s news by the time they’re reported, and investing is all about looking forward, not backward. You’ll often see stock prices move in a way that doesn’t seem to fit with a company’s results – like whether they beat or missed expectations. Tha

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