Peloton Might Finally Be Going Places

Andrew Rummer

about 1 year ago4:57 mins

Peloton Might Finally Be Going Places

Peloton investors have faced an endurance test to rival the fitness firm’s toughest workouts over the past year. But after an 85% downhill run in the share price, the worst might finally be behind them. And that might make now a good time to buy into the company…

What’s been going on with Peloton?

Following a bumpy market debut in September 2019, Peloton’s life as a public company quickly settled into a steady groove. That is, until the coronavirus pandemic upended consumer habits and convinced investors that the future of fitness was home-bound.

Peloton’s stock surged from a low of less than $20 a share in March 2020 to $167 in January 2021, driving its market value to nearly $50 b

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