Can Nuclear Energy Light Up Your Portfolio?

Theodora Lee Joseph

5 months ago5:22 mins

Can Nuclear Energy Light Up Your Portfolio?

Not long ago, it had near-pariah status around the world, but now nuclear energy is beginning to see something of a global resurgence. The timing of it makes sense: geopolitical tensions have countries around the world seeking out alternatives to Russian gas, and UN climate goals have them favoring low-carbon options. And nuclear fits the bill. Let’s take a look at how your portfolio could benefit from this power shift…

Is nuclear energy a good investment opportunity now?

Nuclear energy’s got a complicated history and something of a bad rap, especially after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011. And while it may not be the fix for Europe’s gas crisis in the short term, it could prove to be a long-term solution that effectively reduces the bloc’s dependence on Russian gas, wi

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