How To Invest In The New Post-Modern Era

Theodora Lee Joseph

5 months ago4:55 mins

How To Invest In The New Post-Modern Era

The world has rarely seen so much change in a short span of time – a pandemic, high inflation, an energy crisis, and a war. And the things that drove returns over the past decade won’t be the things that drive them in the one to come. Strategists at Goldman Sachs say we are in “a new post-modern cycle” where returns will likely be "fatter and flatter" – that is, with more winners but smaller wins. Let’s look ahead to see how it might alter the way you invest…

What drove returns over the past decade?

Returns in the past ten years – the latter part of the most recent bull market – were some of the best, but also some of the most predictable. You didn’t need to be a genius to do well. You just needed to follow a recipe of buying into US stocks, and overweighting your portfolio on FAANG co

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