How To Protect Your Portfolio As Taiwanese Tensions Rise

Theodora Lee Joseph

6 months ago3:30 mins

How To Protect Your Portfolio As Taiwanese Tensions Rise

China was already worked up when one of America’s highest-ranking government officials visited Taiwan earlier this month, and the news that a group of US lawmakers are set to meet won’t calm things down. So with China threatening to take control of the region by force if necessary, that puts the biggest chipmaking economy in the world – and by extension your portfolio – at risk.

What’s the situation here?

Taiwan may only be the 18th largest economy in the world, but it punches way above its economic standing when it comes to semiconductors. It manufactures 65% of global computer chips, while China and the US – the two biggest consumers of semiconductors – have a combined market share of 15%. Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC alone makes over three times that.

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