Build A Stronger Portfolio In Two Simple Steps

Stéphane Renevier

6 months ago4:57 mins

Build A Stronger Portfolio In Two Simple Steps

A lot of investors spend tons of time thinking about what to put in their portfolio and then spend very little time thinking about how much money to allocate to each position. It’s a mistake, and can lead to unbalanced and unnecessarily risky portfolios. But by following two simple steps, you can avoid that mistake and build a more robust portfolio…

What are the two steps?

Step 1: Size up your assets based on their “octane” level.

Let’s say you’ve got an equally strong conviction about two assets – bitcoin and Coca-Cola, and you want your portfolio to be evenly weighted across those two things. Your first thought might be to split your portfolio 50/50. But these are two very different assets, and that won’t actually give you the mix you’re looking for.

See, bitcoin’s price

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