How To Find The Companies Shrugging Off Inflation

Theodora Lee Joseph

7 months ago5:32 mins

How To Find The Companies Shrugging Off Inflation

With inflation taking its toll on global companies, it’s more important than ever to find the ones that can defend their bottom lines. And that’s where firms with strong “pricing power” – the ability to pass costs on without losing customers – come into their own. So let’s look at the characteristics that give a company pricing power, as well as which companies stand out within each of them.

A player in a concentrated industry.

When companies want to pass on price increases, they tend to gauge what the competition is prepared to do. Now, this varies from industry to industry. But those that are more mature and “concentrated” – i.e. in which fewer companies account for more of the market share – are usually more disciplined in their pricing policies. That’s because a company in the indu

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