How To Make Your Crypto Work Harder For You In 2022

Reda Farran

about 1 year ago4:22 mins

How To Make Your Crypto Work Harder For You In 2022

Ethereum’s in for a major shift this year: it’ll be moving from a mining model to a staking model – a less energy-intensive way of running the network’s blockchain. And since that means you’ll be able to allocate your own coins to the project and earn more in return, I thought I’d lift the lid on how you can go about staking ether – as well as a wide range of other cryptocurrencies – for yourself…

How does staking work?

When you stake crypto, you essentially lock up your existing coins for a fixed period of time. The blockchain network then puts these coins to work by helping verify transactions, grouping them into blocks, and adding the blocks to the end of the chain. As a reward for staking your existing coins, you receive more coins – either newly minted ones, or from a share of

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