Investing In The Insurance Industry

over 3 years ago14 mins

Investing In The Insurance Industry

Taco Insurance 101

The basics of insurance

2 mins

Picture the scene: it’s 2001, you’re the CEO of Taco Bell, and it’s been reported that a space station is about to crash into the South Pacific. So you make the (totally obvious and totally normal) decision to stick a Bell-branded target in the ocean, and you tell the world that if the space station hits that target, you’ll give every American citizen a free taco 🌮

Now, it’s very unlikely the station will hit the target, but it is theoretically possible. And if it does, you’re going to have to deliver on your promise to the tune of a cool $400 million. That’s a possibility you’re probably not comfortable with – but that promotion sure sounds like a good way to put tacos on the map. So you decide to take out insurance. Taco insurance.

You do it because you know that, in exchange for a

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