Media, Gaming, And Telecom Companies, Unplugged

about 3 years ago21 mins

Media, Gaming, And Telecom Companies, Unplugged

Put That In Your Pipe

Why investors treat telecoms and media as a single sector

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Glitzy awards shows, extraterrestrial satellite arrays, packed-out concert arenas: telecoms and media are unquestionably two of the sexiest industries in the world… not that Finimize is biased or anything 😉

While they may seem wildly different, investors tend to treat telecoms firms like your cable provider and media companies like movie studios as one $5 trillion-strong sector. (“Technology” is sometimes lumped in there too, though it’s now grown so big that many tend to treat it as its own beast.) The analogy used to justify this link-up is that telecoms firms build pipes – laying the infrastructure for communication – which media companies then fill with content for people to consume. Of course, nobody likes paying for pipes unless they’ve got something running through them – and so

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