How To Profit From China’s Explosive Economic Growth

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How To Profit From China’s Explosive Economic Growth

Why China Matters

With 1.4 billion people and what might soon be the world's biggest economy, China's too big to ignore.

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If you only know one thing about China, it’s probably this: it’s big. As in, 1.4 billion people big. As in, the world’s second biggest economy big. As in, expected-to-overtake-the-US-as-the-world’s-biggest-economy-in-the-next-decade big.

It’s already earned the titles of world’s largest manufacturing economy, world’s most significant global exporter, and world’s single biggest food producer. In fact, the country has 315 million agricultural workers alone – about as many as the entire US population. And even then, agriculture only accounts for 8% of its economy. That’s primarily because Deng Xiaoping – who took over from Chairman Mao as the country’s leader in the late ‘70s – started reforming the market, allowing private enterprise and opening China up to global trade. And those refor

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