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Finimize For Business enables leading fintechs to educate and engage their clients at scale.
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Get Attention

Truly great content stands out. Using Finimize’s API, it's easy to bring bite-sized market updates, industry analysis, and engaging educational content into your platform and differentiate from the competition. Our content is crafted specifically for the modern investor, and is available in audio to reach them on the go.

Improve Product Adoption

Educated investors are more active investors. Our content is designed to build investor confidence and spark ideas. One platform saw customers place 33% more trades after consuming educational content – and those with a financial education are half as likely to switch services. Bring financial content into your app to re-engage investors, or use it as a bridge to drive additional product adoption.

Content that works on your schedule

News and insights can be used as a habit-driver and key engagement-booster. Or if you want to build connections more passively, you can explore using educational content, weekly briefings, and selective insights is a proven strategy. We can share best practices and design a content journey for your use case.

Personalize to Customer Interests

Personalization is no longer a luxury: it's a necessity. And with Finimize, it's simple. Our advanced tagging system underpins our content, covering asset classes, geographies, and FIGIs, as well as various investor interests and experience levels. You can leverage this system to curate a personalized content strategy for customers of different risk profiles, portfolio sizes, demographics, and more.

Simple Setup

Our engineering team put love and care into building a flexible, friendly, and simple API that makes bringing Finimize into your platform a breeze. One client took under two weeks from concept to production – but if you’re looking for something faster, our self-serve content platform is a great no-code solution to run a pilot project.

Service You Can Trust

Backed by Abrdn and informed by a million subscribers to our content, Finimize delivers trustworthy, accurate, and timely content strategies to enhance client relationships and optimize operations.

“Finimize were pioneers in educational content for investing. I wake up every morning to the daily brief. When I found out we could partner together it was a no brainer."

Alexandros Christodoulakis

Co-founder & CEO


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