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Our content production engine blends analyst expertise, proprietary data, and user feedback to create content that’s tailor-made to engage retail investors.

Average 3.8x cheaper than in-house production

Average 7x ROI delivered within 24 months

Up to 12x more efficient than other outlets

Powered by custom-built technology

Informed by community and consumption data

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What's Going On?

Finimize content solutions provide financial service brands with effective learning experiences for their customers, in turn accelerating engagement across multiple touchpoints. Solutions leverage our custom-built content engagement flywheel to power market-leading financial news, investing insights, research, and educational pieces across partners' channels, all delivered in text and audio.

40 million retail investors have access to Finimize content via partner channels.

First-time investors (28% of readers) start their journey with Finimize, where they can access digestible, smart, jargon-free educational guides and news.

Experienced investors regularly check Finimize for actionable and topical investing ideas and insights, delivered in text and audio in just a few minutes.

Accredited investors (21% of readers) count on our top-notch in-house analyst expertise, delivered in quick and snappy formats for time-poor readers.

Financial News

  • Smart, snappy breakdowns of the two biggest financial stories of the day, and why they matter

  • Macro and stock specific

  • Daily and weekly – roughly three minutes long

Analyst Insights

  • Expert-informed, actionable breakdowns of topical investing topics

  • Macro, portfolio, and idea specific

  • Daily – roughly five minutes long

How-To Guides

  • Clear explanations of core financial concepts and how they work

  • Sector, strategy, and stock specific

  • Evergreen – roughly six minutes long

Our educational content and investing insights are designed to suit a wide range of retail investors. To maximize engagement and impact, we pair expertise from our in-house analysts and editors with our partners' insights.

Of course, we'll mix in our proprietary community research and intelligence data, derived from the Finimize education platform: app, newsletter, events, and web. Plus, we analyze between 2,000 and 3,000 unique content requests weekly and millions of consumption data points daily.

Why should you care?

Customer education unlocks business success. Just look at IG: the brand confirmed that its customers placed 33% more trades after they consumed IG's educational content.

Overall, 56% of consumers with financial education become relationship customers (EY 2019). In other words, they're easier to retain and invest more.


80% of our users use the word love when they talk about Finimize.

“Finimize puts on a terrific event. They engage the audience from the start. Mark Cuban and I had a blast talking with the large & well versed group.” Tim Draper, Venture Capital Investor"

”I’m passionate about the need for us to do more to explain economic and financial topics in language everyone can understand. So I’m delighted the Bank is partnering with Finimize on this new pack on the role of central banks. Understanding how decisions taken by institutions such as the Bank of England affect us all is really important. That’s the case whether you’re a seasoned investor, are learning about the world of finance for the first time, or just want to make better every-day financial decisions.”

"I’m such a fan of what the team has built at Finimize, I’m thrilled to be a part of it."

“It’s harder than you think to write content that’s both accessible and accurate. With Finimize, I know I can trust the quality and not have to worry about reviewing everything before it is published: I can focus on building an amazing product.”

“Finimize is the most engaged community we know of. Working with them gives us unparalleled insights into our target audience. We’ve seen a real impact on our brand post-summit. We love working with the Finimize team."

"Finimize assists modern investors with critical financial decisions and is very highly rated with key demographics. Its news service, community building capabilities, customer insight and technological capabilities will further assist the transformation of abrdn into a truly client-led organisation and support a step change in our capabilities."

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The easiest way to engage and upskill your customers with our contend hub – no technical integration needed.

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Work with us to create bespoke educational content, showcasing your brand in the Finimize tone of voice.

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