Wealthyhood uses Finimize content to promote smart, responsible investing

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Who is Wealthyhood?

Wealthyhood is a DIY wealth-building app for long-term investors, offering users the tools they need to put their money to work.

“For start-ups, using Finimize to scale in-app content is way easier than doing it in-house.”

What was the challenge?

The firm’s initial goal was to open private markets to retail investors, letting them put between 10 and 20% of their portfolio to work in alternative investments. On that journey, Wealthyhood’s founders realized that there was an even bigger issue at stake: many investors seemed unsure about how to invest the remaining 80% or 90% of their portfolios as well. That’s when Wealthyhood decided that it could help beginner investors kick off their wealth-building journey by focusing on three key principles: education, personalized investing, and ease of use.

Why choose Finimize?

Wealthyhood was quick to spot the importance of first-class content when it comes to educating investors and building healthy daily habits with the platform.

The firm’s first approach was to outsource the work to a team of five or six freelancers, but that plan ran up against an all-too-common obstacle: content that simply wasn’t up to scratch. Sometimes the tone was too off-putting and forbidding, and sometimes the writing simply wasn’t accurate enough. In the end, the firm decided that the freelancers’ content wouldn’t cut it, and they shelved the work the team had produced.

That’s when they realized that partnering with Finimize was an option. Wealthyhood’s co-founder Alexandros said,

“It’s harder than you think to write content that’s both accessible and accurate. With Finimize, I know I can trust the quality and not have to worry about reviewing everything before it is published: I can focus on building an amazing product.”

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What was the impact?

Teaming up with Finimize reinforced Wealthyhood's commitment to financial education and responsible investing – giving users the know-how and confidence to make smart investment choices. Top-notch Finimize content fits perfectly with Wealthyhood's values and helps them stand out as a go-to investing platform.

“The business integration was very smooth. Within a weekend we had all the content we needed to go live in the app.”

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