The real future of NFTs with Unstoppable Domains

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On June 15, 2022, Finimize hosted the first-ever NFT event designed for the retail investor community, in partnership with Unstoppable Domains and Delta Tracker. More than 2,000 Finimize community members tuned in.

$5 trillion opportunity

While the overall market is feeling less positive about digital assets right now, the Finimize community focused on the long-term utility of NFTs. Talks covered their use cases in everything from real estate to space exploration, as well as how to value them, how to protect your digital identity with web3, and more.

A recent McKinsey study of consumer and enterprise use cases suggests that metaverse projects could generate up to $5 trillion by 2030. That’s very much in keeping with our poll results: 87% of the event attendees said NFTs will achieve mainstream adoption in the next five years.

Below you’ll find links to the full talks (or take a look at our future events).

How To Value NFTs & Structure A Successful Portfolio?

Our in-house crypto analyst, Jonathan Hobbs, CFA on how to value NFTs and how to structure an NFT portfolio.

Real Estate & Digital Assets — Is This The Future Of Property Ownership?

Andrew Kiguel, CEO and Co-Founder of, and Janine Yorio, CEO of Everyrealm, on real estate in the metaverse, moderated by Finimize analyst Reda Farran.

From MP3 to NFT — A New Era Of Music

Gala Music CEO Sarah Buxton and Gala Music & Death Row Records artist, October London joined Head of Finimize Studios Kieron Banerji for a conversation about the role of NFTs and the metaverse in transforming the music industry.

How To Create A Successful NFT Project

Founders of FlyFish Club — David Rodolitz, Josh Capon, and Conor Hanlon — in a discussion about how to launch a successful NFT project. Hosted by Iris ten Tieje, Co-Founder of Koia.

The Path To Achieving Mass Adoption Of Web 3.0

Sandy Carter, SVP of Unstoppable Domains, explored how we’ll achieve mass adoption of web3 and the importance of security and digital identity.

Out Of This World NFTs: How Digital Assets Are Impacting Space Exploration

Moderated by Finimize host Marco Ferrari, this discussion sees former NASA astronaut Ron Garan and CEO of WorldwideXR Travis Cloyd discuss how NFTs and web3 are playing a part in funding space exploration.

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