Goodbody uses the Finimize content API to empower its customers

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Finimize worked with Goodbody, Ireland's leading financial services firm, to integrate the Finimize Daily News API into Goodbody’s Daily Investor Briefing.


  • Goodbody utilizes Finimize content API to enhance customer experience and retention
  • 80% of customers find the content easy to read
  • 70% find content useful
  • 70% are satisfied with overall experience

Who is Goodbody?

Goodbody is Ireland's leading financial services firm with roots dating back to 1874.

How is Finimize helping Goodbody?  

As the longest established wealth manager in the Irish market, Goodbody believes that keeping clients informed about key investment themes and breaking market stories is an important part of its customer value proposition. Goodbody turned to Finimize with two key ambitions: to engage their existing customers using fresh and relevant content, and to expose their customers to  local market insights from its in-house investment team. The Finimize Daily Brief delivers curated financial news in under five minutes or less: not only does it help keep readers on top of global financial stories, it also delivers clearly actionable insights and overarching market analysis. Finimize worked with Goodbody to integrate the Finimize Daily News API into Goodbody’s Daily Investor Briefing – available to all Goodbody’s customers.

82% find content easy to understand

Goodbody’s survey evaluated its customers’ overall experience of the Finimize Daily Brief. It found that 82% of participants found the content easy to read, over 70% found the content useful, and 70% reported high user satisfaction overall. Goodbody, therefore, has unlocked new ways to engage existing and potential new customers by working with Finimize.

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