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are modern retail investors

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Time poor

Our members spend approximately 15 minutes or less each day reading about markets, gathering investing ideas, and executing trades. To meet this demand, we provide highly curated investing insights and education.

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Community driven

94% of our members discuss their investment ideas and decisions with peers. The Finimize platform enables them to connect through over 500 events annually.

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Action oriented

Taking action is a key part of the Modern Investor learning journey. Our content focuses on helping investors make educated investment decisions.

Community Breakdown

Age Range

🎂 18-24 → 8%

🎂 25-55 → 80%

🎂 56-65 → 12%


🇺🇸 USA → 57%

🇬🇧 UK → 18%

🌍 ROW → 25%


👨 Male → 55%

👩 Female → 45%


💵 Average → $118k p/a

💰 18% → Over $250k p/a


📈 Finance → 46%

💻 Technology → 37%


🙋‍♀️ 56% → Key Decision Makers

🙋‍♂️ 11% → Founders or C-Level

Investing Experience


Invest in stocks


Invest in multiple assets


Invest in single stocks


Are accredited investors


Started investing with Finimize

Investment Updates






Every 6-12 months


Set and forget

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Why do they care?

Democratization of Capital Markets

Technology has democratised access to the financial markets for millions of new investors. A new generation of investors - Modern Retail Investors - want control over their own wealth. Where do they turn for information they can trust?

Information Paralysis

Retail investors are looking for help. There are too many sources of information varied in quality and accessibility. This leads to information overload and more uncertainty.

The Signal in the Noise

Retail investors are looking for an easy, trusted and impactful source of information. Finimize helps millions of people to become smarter investors, so they can make informed investment decisions.

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